Colour has the ability to totally transform a space, it’s fundamental to how we experience the world around us.

Colour can evoke strong emotions and change your mood. It’s also a very personal experience how different colours affect you. I love colour, my brain is hardwired to see colour magic everywhere. I will encourage you to include colour in your home in some form, even if it is in the most subtle and sophisticated way.

The possibilities for colour schemes are endless and when it’s done right, colour is the not-so-secret ingredient that makes it all come together. A successful space has to have a cohesive colour palette – think of it as ‘a plan’ that guides every decision to do with that space.

I absolutely love working with colour schemes, interior or exterior, rooms or whole houses. I supply you with paint drawdowns for your reference and prepare paint schedules for your tradies.
Colour is my passion and I will expertly craft you a colour palette that you love.

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons”
– RuPaul