You know when you walk into a home that just looks and feels amazing! Everything is just working. Why?

It’s simple—good interior design is why! The principles of good design are a mixture of art and science and it’s a real skill to do it well.

Work with me and I will:

  • Inspire you, and be a sounding board for your ideas
  • Save you time, and solve your problems
  • Deliver quality products and professional service
  • Avoid costly mistakes, by helping you make good decisions
  • Show you incredible ranges you never even knew existed
  • Give you a clear achievable design vision
  • Deliver an interior space that reflects you

Design services can often feel intimidating. My working style is relaxed and friendly and I will always be direct and honest with my clients. I am highly organised and efficient and can work to a budget and deadline.

My ‘maker’ genes give me a critical understanding of measurement and construction so I really enjoy the process of designing and executing custom ideas.

The spaces I deliver are curated and full of personality. I love to mix the old with the new and confidently combine high end chic with thrifty treasures. I pride myself on having a strong sense of style and a real flair with colour, but I’m also versatile so together we will create a space that truly reflects you.

“It’s all in the mix, not the match”
– Anna Spiro (Head Designer, Black & Spiro AU)