Becky has combined forces with artist Anneke Stewart to deliver a kaleidoscopic collection of vibrant floral mandala artworks. Anneke has been producing photographic mandalas since 2005.

Mandalas are present in many ancient religions; spiritual geometric configurations that aim to represent our relationship to the infinite. They draw the viewer in, creating an opportunity for contemplation.

Anneke has adapted the kaleidoscopic nature of the mandala seeking to provoke a translation of the essence of the subject matter.

Becky and Anneke’s collaboration interlaces the talents of these two contemporary creative women honouring the regeneration of post-earthquake Christchurch as well as their individual art practices.

The mandalas feature flowers homegrown or foraged from the Christchurch Red Zone combined with exotic fabrics and inherited vintage hand-painted silks mixed in Becky’s typically exuberant style.

“This collection is about remembrance. We want to bring beauty into your home, inspire joy with colour and calm through symmetry.”           

Becky Lee and Anneke Stewart

The mandala rounds are printed on board and hang flush against the wall. The standard sizes are 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm diameter and are limited editions of 10, 5 and 3 respectively. Custom sizes are available on request. Please email Becky if you have any enquiries. The works are also available as A3 prints – stockists enquiries are welcome.