For as long as I can remember, colour, textiles, and interiors have been my passion. It’s just in my blood.

I grew up on a forestry nursery called Rakaunui in a household where colour and creativity were abundant. My infinitely practical and capable Mum, Vicky constantly reinvented spaces at home and always on the smell of an oily rag. She would paint and stencil large spaces, hang wallpaper, upholster furniture, sew curtains, make blinds and cushions, weave baskets and create intricate objects and striking textile art. She has her own unique style and is the quintessential maker and such a source of inspiration for me.

At Rakaunui armloads of flowers, branches and greenery were constantly refreshed regardless of the season, vignettes of birds’ nests and seed heads would share surfaces with our sweet home made child crafty offerings. I was constantly surrounded by beauty and inspiration.

I love the story of my eccentric Great Aunt Gwen who lived in Scotland in a two bedroom cottage with her family of 13. While everyone was asleep one night she madly painted and transformed the bathroom causing some significant confusion amongst her kin in the morning!

Fast forward a few years, an Interior Design Diploma, and today my home in Christchurch is a busy family hub and a visual extravaganza. A riot of pattern, colour and flowers – unashamedly playful and totally me. I am lucky to have inherited Mum’s ‘maker’ genes – I constantly have creative projects on the go, grow more flowers than veggies and admit to harbouring an obsession for collecting beautiful fabrics.

It’s no surprise to my friends and family that I have chosen a career in interior design. I love the challenge of helping people identify their style and then translate that into a beautiful and interesting space. I love layered homes, full of stories, textures, personality and treasures collected over time.

I make the design process fun and collaborative, together we’ll harness your ideas and excitement and design an interior that reflects you.